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About These Awards

Long Ranger DX Awards

This certificate recognises really long distance reception of NDBs particularly at night when skywave propagation is possible.
Miles KM
500-999 805-1607
1000-1499 1608-2413
1500-1999 2414-3217
2000-2499 3218-4022
2500-2999 4023-4826
3000-4999 4827-8044
5000+ 8045+
KHz ID Location S/P ITU Pwr Miles KM Date UTC Order
385 LUR Cape Lisburne AK ALS   706 1136 2018-01-20 0334

North American NDB DX Awards (1 qualifying countries)

This certificate recognises reception of NDBs located in in North America. Remember that each US state and Canadian province is considered a separate 'country'.
NDB List Country codes Order

North of 60 Award (7 qualifying signals)

This certificate recognises reception of NDBs located at least 60 Degrees of latitude north of the Equator. This area includes Iceland, Greenland and Alaska as well as most of Scandinavia and parts of Russia and Canada.


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