Dealing with Ambiguities:
Provided there is no ambiguity in the details (i.e. two stations exist with the same callsign), a log as simple as the last one shown is acceptable. Be aware however where you fail to give a frequency and the callsign is used on more than one station, as in the case of CB to at least specify what state the transmitter is in. In some rare cases there may be more than one station with the same callsign AND frequency - e.g. 407-CO (there's one in CO and one in MO) - in these rare cases a nore saying which one you believe you heard would be useful.

Relevant Fields:
The only details interpretted by RNA / REU's import system are Date (UTC and may be shown in vitually any format imaginable), time (UTC hhmm or hh:mm), KHZ, callsign (for DGPS stations use the Station ID prefixed with a # - see the Tools menu for a lookup tool), LSB and USB.

Please try and avoid using tabs and use a fixed spacing type font such as Courier to format your results wherever possible as this makes it MUCH easier for the system editor to import results into the system. Any other fields you include (such as GSQ, 'New', Location, State etc) are best shown at the end of the table.

If in doubt...
Please post a short log to the list or email it to the system editor (see bottom of page) and see if it validates correctly. This will save a LOT of time in the long run and some logs are MUCH easier to read than other requiring extensive modification by the editor prior to processing.