DGPS Station ID Lookup

Enter Decoded Reference Station ID and click 'Lookup'
E.g.: Ref Stations 310 and 311 belong to station #918 at Wiarton, ON, Canada.

Coordinates Converter

To convert between systems, enter known values then click the button next to them.

Repairs Navtex decoded message where 'shift' command was garbled. Enter characters in appropriate window and press button to translate.

Thanks to Tjaerand, Curt and Mr. Mosbron for code and concept.

Missed Shift Characters

Correct Shift Characters

Negative Keying Tool (v7.0, ©Brian Keyte + J. Rabe)

Sunrise / Sunset Calculator

CSG Network Group Sunrise Calculator by CSG Network
Based on code by Gene Davis
Dec 6 1994 - Oct 8 2001
(Ver. 14.7.2, used with permission)

CHIRP FT-70D to Yaesu FTM-200D csv converter

Other Database References on the Web

  • 5010 Web - FAA sourced data primarily for Pilots
  • - another aviation database primarily intended for pilots